Fiercer, More Impressive Truck Lighting:  What to Know

Truck drivers are often expected to get down and dirty, to revel in their trucks’ rough riding capabilities and not care about what their trucks look like after all is said and done.  But this is stereotyping at its most pervasive.  Many truck drivers, in fact, care a great deal about the aesthetic appeal of their trucks, and lighting is among the most critical aesthetic components on any vehicle.  If you’re looking to light up your truck in some unconventional and impressive ways, consider several of the options below and decide which one is best for you.

HID Headlights

If you’re focusing on the headlights, standard halogens are fine and all but they don’t do much to make a visual impact.  Since most cars and trucks are equipped with halogen headlights, they don’t really stand out.  HID headlights, on the other hand, are hard to ignore.  They may take a little extra installation time (potentially a lot if your truck’s an older model), but they can illuminate the road up to 3x as brightly as halogens, and can last multiple times as long.  For truck drivers who value durability and longevity as much as style and performance, truck HIDs may be the way to go.

Undercar Lighting

Maybe we should call this category under-truck lighting so it’s more accurate.  Trucks are often raised off the ground quite a bit higher than most cars and passenger vehicles, which makes them primed for undercar lighting add-ons.  Neon tubes, LED strips, and all sorts of other lighting attachments can make a truck look race-ready, visually impressive, and simply fun.  If your truck’s just as much a toy as it is a workhorse, undercar lighting is an option to consider.

LED Tail Lights

If you’re leaving other cars in your dust, you should let them see your truck drive off to the bittersweet end.  Many conventional tail lights simply don’t illuminate very far, but LED tail lights certainly do.  If you want a bright, ultramodern, and visually appealing set of truck tail lights, LEDs will certainly make a positive impression.  They should be relatively simple to install, and can even put some resale value back into your truck.