Big Daddy Motorsports

Big Daddy Motorsports will be promoting yet another exciting truck and tractor pull at the Senator Bob Martin Ag Center in Williamston, North Carolina on January 16th and 17th.

As always, Big Daddy is planning an action packed show, with top-knotched vehicles.

Big Daddy's Monster Truck will be making it's first appearance!!!

You've just gotta BE THERE!

The following are the classes and invited vehicle/puller roster:

National 4X4:

Woody Campbell/Intimidator
Ernie Davidson/Steelin' Thunder
R.B. Moler/To The Extreme
Chrissy Moler/Strokin'
Temple Brizendine/Footloose
Jr. Fletcher/Almost Legal
Peyton Davis/The Punisher
Leon Nixon/Slow-N-Easy
Lynn Trueblood/Runnin' Scared
Jason Williamson/Rump Shaker
Stanley Hawkins/Bodacious
Mikey Campbell/Family Tradition
Joe Cramer/Yellow Fever
Lee Kinton/Wild-N-Wicked
David Garrett/Dazed-N-Confused
Kenny Stallings/Killin' Time
Lee Hooker/Hard Hooker

Blown 2 Wheel Drives:

Allen Brown/Sweet Thang
Dan Wilson/Boss Hawg
Johnny Gott/Sled Slayer
Randy Davis/Running Bear
Jake Klien/Blast From The Past

Super Street 4X4:

The top 8 points trucks for the 2008 Dragon Motorsports series will be attending.