Personal Stats

Owner:  Larry Peterson

Drivers:  Larry Peterson & Lisa Miller

Hometown:  Baldwin, WI

Significant Other:  Lisa Miller

Children:  April, Aaron, Derek, Daniel

Occupation:  Owner of Profab Machine, Inc.

Years Pulling:  Since 1983




Recent Accomplisments:
2007 Tomah, WI Winner
2008 Bowling Green Ring Winner
2006 Chapel Hill, TN Winner
2007 Chapel Hill, TN 2x Winner
2008 Chapel Hill, TN 2x Winner

Interesting Facts: 
PROFAB is an NTPA Contingency and End
of Year Points Fund sponsor, sponsor of
Bowling Green 4WD class, and sponsor of
the pull in Menomonie, WI.  

About Larry:


Larry K. Peterson, 48, is from Baldwin, WI.  Larry owns Profab Machine,


Inc., which is located in Baldwin, WI.  Profab Machine offers transfer


cases, transmissions and driveline parts for truck and tractor pulling,


as well as monster trucks.  All of the products offered were designed


by Larry himself.  He started the business in 1986, and the business


has grown tremendously over the years.  Larry got himself in this


business because he was a puller and did not like what was available


for parts at the time.  He started to design his own parts and that is


where the business originated.  Growing up on a farm, he always thought


he would be a farmer, until he got the bug to start building his own pulling


parts.  Larry pulls on the Grand National circuit, which enables him to


“test and tune” his own product line.  This in turn puts him in a position


where he is able to show and prove his products to potential customers.


As far as retirement, there are no plans at this time.  During the off season,


Larry enjoys bowling.  He is on a Monday and a Wednesday night league.


In September of 2006, Larry bowled an 822, which is the highest game ever


at Bol’s Lanes in Baldwin, WI.  He also enjoys riding his new Harley


Davidson Wide Glide whenever time permits.  Larry has four children.  


April, Aaron and Derek are now out in the world on their own.  April has


just been accepted to the university hospital in Madison, WI for her


residency.  She will be an anesthiologist.  The youngest, Daniel, is a senior


in high school and will graduate this May.  Daniel is an avid sports


player and Larry spends a fair amount of time in the evenings and


weekends attending football games and wrestling matches.



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PROFAB Vehicle Stats
Pulling Division:  Modified Four Wheel Drive
Vehicle Name:  PROFAB Geared Up
Engine Type:  Sonny's Next Generation Chevrolet Hemi
Engine Displacement:  650 Cubic Inches
Cylinder Heads:  Sonny's 5.0 Chevrolet Hemi
Engine Block:  Donovan Aluminum
Engine Fueled By:  Methanol Alcohol
Engine Oil By:  Cen-Pe-Co
Chassis:  PROFAB Chrome Moly Tube
Transmission/Transfer Case:  PROFAB Billet Quick Change Reverser
Front:  PROFAB Rockwell
Rear:  PROFAB Sheetmetal Rearend
Tires:  Front- Cepek     Rear- Pit Bull


Lisa Miller (Larry's fiance) has taken over the original 
PROFAB truck as of August 2008 and she will be running on
the NTPA Grand National circuit this year for the first time.


(Above) Lisa in Bowling Green last year where
she finished 5th out of 42.