2011 Big Daddy Motorsports

Small Blocks
Chris Bass (Black Chevy) 250.00
Delton Stallings (Blue Truck) 245.62
Sheldon Stokely (White Truck) 237.79
6400# Super Streets
Randy Brann (Sandblaster) 250.00
Cody Watkins (Total Chaos) 248.35
David Revere (Daddy's Horses) 247.54
Gray Peery (Big and Nasty) 245.31
Buddy White (Yellow Jacket) 244.88
Jeff Jenkins (Livin on a Prayer) 244.50
Ben Ellis (Underdog) 244.19
Kevin Schools (Seldom Seen) 243.15
Chris Simonds (Rum Runner) 239.40
Two Wheel Drives 
Brian McDonald (Suffering from Insanity) 250.00
Jeff Eshelman (Boss Hawg) 250.00
Johnny Gott (Sled Slayer) 250.00
Robert Branson (Party Time) 231.71
Mega Trucks
Terry Self (Double XL) 250.00
Brian Self (Black) 244.47
Lin White (Red Line Fever) 241.50
National Four Wheel Drives
Aaron Smothers (Money Hog) 258.00
Mikey Campbell (Family Tradition) 250.9
Temple Brizendine (Footloose) 250.6
Terry Davis (Young Gun) 240.77
Woody Campbell (Intimadator) 239.74
Leon Nixon (Slow n Easy) 238.85
Peyton Davis (The Punisher) 238.34
Wyatt Sours (Wasted Wages) 233.90
Mark Garrett (Bad Habit) 230.90
Jason Williamson (RumpShaker) Dropped
Andrew Bray (54 Oliver) 212.27
Jay Bray (55 Oliver) 205.38
Bruce Bright (450 Farmall) 191.53
Andrew Bray (Cocksutt) 190.93
Kevin Mays (88 Oliver) 182.10

Andrew Bray (54 Oliver) 230.13
Jay Bray (55 Oliver) 227.67
Kevin Mays (88 Oliver) 219.44
Andrew Bray (Cocksutt) 213.30
Bruce Bright (450 Farmall) 200.56
Small Blocks
Chris Bass (Black Chevy) 235.64
Delton Stallings (Blue Truck) 231.63
Sheldon Stokely (White Truck) 214.56
6400# Super Streets
David Revere (Daddy's Horses) 246.54
Kevin Schools (Seldom Seen) 243.84
Cody Watkins (Total Chaos) 243.81
Ben Ellis (Underdog) 242.95
Randy Brann (Sandblaster) 242.32
Buddy White (Yellow Jacket) 242.29
Jeff Jenkins (Livin on a Prayer) 239.02
Chris Simonds (Rum Runner) 238.88
Gray Peery (Big and Nasty) 237.65
Two Wheel Drives
Jeff Eshelman (Boss Hawg) 230.88
Robert Branson (Party Time) 227.75
Johnny Gott (Sled Slayer) 224.46
Brian McDonald (Suffering from Insanity) 223.48
Reed Lee 184.07
Mega Trucks
Terry Self (Double XL) 231.22
Brian Self (Black) 209.80
Lin White (Red Line Fever) 149.43
National Four Wheel Drives 
Temple Brizendine (Footloose) FP/251.24
Aaron Smothers (Money Hog) FP/251.04
Mark Garrett (Bad Habit) FP/247.40
Mikey Campbell (Family Tradition) FP/245.48
Peyton Davis (The Punisher) 248.66
Wyatt Sours (Wasted Wages) 245.99
Terry Davis (Young Gun) 243.87
Leon Nixon (Slow n Easy) 233.55
Jason Williamson (RumpShaker) 154.79
Woody Campbell (Intimadator) Broke